Alpha Delta Kappa Elementary School Scholarships

Ms. Clayton the President of Alpha Delta Kappa announced the top sixth grader at each elementary school. These students were chosen by their teachers and were chosen for being great all-around student leaders. They had to meet the following criteria:    excels both academically and socially, behaves well in class, exhibits positive attitude, helps his or her classmates, participates in school, church and community activities.  Each top sixth grader received a certificate and a $50 check.
Congratulations to the following winners:
Ty Carson, Ochwilla Elementary School
Nigel Nebitt, Moseley Elementary School
Keshawn Harrison, Putnam Academy of Arts & Sciences
Darren Evans, Mellon Elementary School
Andrew Walwik, Kelley Smith Elementary School
Ruby McCall, Robert H. Jenkins Elementary School
Belena Bennett, Browning Pearce Elementary School
Ashton Stegall, Melrose Elementary School
Jayvin Price, Children's Reading Center
LilaMae Thomas, James A. Long Elementary School
Isabella Wingfield, Middleton-Burney Elementary School