S.T.E.M. Week

This past week, Putnam County Schools sent out their county S.T.E.M. Teachers to give all grade levels at MBES a demonstration in S.T.E.M. technologies! 

S.T.E.M., which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is the leading method of future learning utilizing new and improved technology that is shaping the world and becoming a new way of life all around the globe.  

At its core, STEM is a teaching philosophy that integrates all four disciplines together into a single, cross-disciplinary teaching method that offers instruction in real-world technology applications and methods giving students an opportunity to have hands-on experience and learning of new and upcoming technology!

The students as a whole were quite engaged with the STEM presentation and were able to see just how cool upcoming technologies can be! 

MBES is a STEM School!