Current Events at MBES!

Tag Art License Plate Art Winners!
Top 5 Tag Art Winners
Pictured are the top five student art winners of the tax collector's Kid's Tag Art program competition. 5th graders all across the county were given a task to draw something about or special about Florida. At MBES alone, we had over 60 5th graders who entered. Each student who participated were given a license plate with their artwork on it for their families to proudly display with the top 5 picked by the tax collectors office invited to an event next month where all 5th graders in the county are invited to SJRSC where a winner for the entire county will be chosen from the top 5 from all schools.

In the photo of all the winners, from left to right, is Alexander Berardi (4th Place Winner), Eleazar Guevara(2nd Place Winner), Kyra Newbold (1st Place Winner), and Janelle Lara (3rd Place Winner). The 5th Place Winner is not pictured as she was absent, Hailee Porter, with Virginia Berardi, Tag Art Coordinator of MBES and Librarian, accepting her Tag Art for her. 

can purchase their child's licence tag art, if they participated, for $7.00 and a portion is donated here to MBES! Please support your child and your school by purchasing your child's Tag Art!!!


Spelling Champ!

Champ Armand
We here at MBES proudly want to congratulate and recognize Armand Küykendall for winning the 50th annual Putnam County School District Spelling Bee!!!

Armand showed his mastery in his spelling talents at the County Spelling Bee Friday, January 18th and won amidst the likes of other fellow student spellers from throughout the county. Armand is a great student and the faculty and staff of Middleton-Burney Elementary cannot be happier about his win. Congratulations Armand!

Champ Armand


Mr. and Mrs. Claus

(Pictured from left to right is: Brad Berardi, Snack Pack Coordinator of South Putnam, Mr. Bob Spereno, Mrs. Deb Spereno, and Larry Court, Winn-Dixie Store Manager)

Christmas is that time of year everyone knows, loves, and cherishes, being famous for generosity and being the time of giving. This year is no exception thanks to Mr. and Mrs.  Bob and Deb Spereno.

Each year these two go out of their way for their community and do what they can to help others in need. For the past four years, they have done so much for the schools and helping students and their families and each year giving generously to the Snack Pack program.

This year, we can thank Mr and Mrs. Clause for donating thirty hams and sides to families in need this year. That’s thirty families in this community who can have a happy holiday dinner on the big day.

We here at Middleton-Burney just want to give a BIG thanks to Bob and Deb Spereno. Without their generosity, it would not be possible for these families to have a nice holiday meal.

Thank you for all you do Mr. and Mrs. Claus!   


School Safety Message

Save those Box Tops!

The Little Raiders say, "Don't forget to save the Box Tops!!"
Little Raider BoyLittle Raider Girl                     MBES Collects Box Tops